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Jane Sutton Education Consultant

Jane Sutton
Education Consultant

Our Fees

Package One Cost: £475.00

You will gain confidence from being given advice from an expert who has attended hundreds of school admission appeals. Taking into consideration the reasons for the refusal, the schools admission arrangements, your personal circumstances and the law, you will be advised on how to progress with your appeal. You will be informed about appeals procedures and the law so that you will know what to expect at the hearing. Suggestions will be made about how best to present yourself and your case to the independent appeals panel. When you receive the admissions authority's submission your adviser will scrutinise the case according to admissions law and you will be provided with relevant questions to ask before and during the appeal. The aim is to weaken the admission authority's case and strengthen yours to give you the best possible chances of winning your appeal. This package will include telephone discussions and emails right up to the day of your appeal hearing.

Package Two Cost: £675.00

Package Two includes all the advice and support included in Package One, plus preparation of your written statement. With our help you can be confident that you will submit a full and comprehensive statement to the independent appeals panel that will outline your individual circumstances, issues relating to admissions law and any other relevant information that will ensure you submit the strongest case possible.

Package Three Cost: £975.00 plus expences

Package three includes all advice and support in Package One, written statement in Package Two, plus an experienced consultant in attendance at the appeal hearing to support or represent you, giving you the best possible chances of success. Expences will be invoiced and must be settled in full seven days prior to the hearing.

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