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Jane Sutton Education Consultant

Jane Sutton
Education Consultant

Our Fees

All Appeals will cost £975, which must be paid in advance of work commencing.

My fee includes all work required for you to present the strongest possible case for your appeal. I will coach you through to help you understand every aspect of your appeal with the aim of you experiencing a successful outcome. This will include:

  • When you provide me with information, I will help you to filter out the information that will strengthen your case, as opposed to that which is likely to have a negative impact on your appeal;
  • Helping you with the wording of your initial appeal form, specifically the reasons for your appeal;
  • Writing a full comprehensive statement that you will submit in advance of your hearing;
  • Advising you on every aspect of your appeal from beginning until the day of your appeal hearing;
  • Researching aspects of the school and the local authority that are relevant to your appeal;
  • Analysing the school’s case when it arrives (usually about a week before the hearing);
  • Suggesting any questions you could ask the presenting officer at stage 1 of the hearing;
  • Helping you to understand everything relating to your personal case for stage 2, including what to say, and what not to say;
  • Taking a calm and measured approach advising on any flexibilities of procedures by the school/local authority to ensure COVID safe hearings;
  • Checking that the school and local authority adhere to the School Admission Code (2014) and The School Admission Appeals Code (2012);
  • Checking whether there has been any maladministration;
  • Review, draft or redraft any letters/emails/texts that you may need to send to the school or your local authority.

Admission authorities are allowed as much flexibility as possible to manage appeals in a way that best suits them during the COVID pandemic. This is to ensure public safety, so rather than all parties being present in person at an appeal hearing, the panel can choose:

  • Paper-based only;
  • Paper and telephone; or
  • Paper and video conference

In addition to these changes, new regulations provide more flexibility for Admission Authorities to set new or revised deadlines for submitting an appeal.

The new 2021 Coronavirus regulations relax current requirements but must also maintain procedural fairness and rules of natural justice, whilst also following the main principles of the School Admissions Appeals Code (2012).

With knowledge and experience of every aspect of admissions and appeals, I will always advocate that you will be treated fairly and according to the law.

Rather than feeling your way around in the dark, like the vast majority of parents who go through appeals, I will guide you every step of the way.

The ultimate objective will always be for you to win your appeal, and for your child to gain a place at the school they have set their heart on.

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